I See You


A horror game that directly attacks the player


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I See You is a first-person horror adventure that, unlike the vast majority of games in this genre, doesn't try to scare you through the main character, but instead goes directly for the player sitting in front of the computer, mouse in hand.

The backstory is straightforward: you'll be trapped inside a strange abandoned hospital, and have to find the right keys in order to escape. On the way, though, you'll encounter something that won't want you to get away.

During the game you'll come across messages aimed at you, the player, that will try to scare and confuse you. Some of them will attack your perceptions directly, to make you more vulnerable. The best part of I See You, in any case, comes when you finally finish, something that shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes.

I See You is a first-person horror adventure that will give you more than one good scare. Not recommended for the faint of heart.
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